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Is your wedding date set? Celebrate your happiness with ManjuS! This is a place where passion and luxury collide and dreams come true. We are your go-to source for exquisite wedding dresses for women in Dubai.


Being one of the top wedding dress designers in Dubai, Manju Batth offers a collection of stunning wedding gowns and royal bridal wear that will surely make your big day one to remember.


About MANJUS: The Best Shop for Bridal Dresses Online

MANJUS is the creation of fashion designer Manju, who has a strong desire to create unique and luxurious bridal dresses online. We at MANJUS aspire to redefine luxury fashion and provide sophisticated clients with customized, superior wedding attire.


With flourishing stores in the center of Dubai and Stuttgart, Germany, we hope to reach a worldwide clientele with our luxurious, elegant wedding dresses for women. Given MANJUS’s increasing international recognition, new locations, including Delhi, London, and New York, are being planned.

The Luxury Collection: Royal Bridal Wear in Dubai

Manju firmly believes that personalized luxury has the power to transform lives. We will create one-of-a-kind pieces for you that will capture the hearts of everyone. The wedding dress collections we offer serve as evidence of our creativity and quality.


With MANJUS, you will find a selection of exquisite and affordable wedding dresses online. These dresses are created carefully to capture your unique style and taste.


We do not copy current styles; instead, we draw from a multitude of inspirations to produce genuinely one-of-a-kind and affordable wedding dresses for women. We guarantee that our creative, passionate collection of bridal dresses online in Dubai will make your wedding gown truly unique.

Check Out the Perfect Wedding Dress Collection from the Best Wedding Dress Designers in Dubai

MANJUS cordially invites you to join us on this transformative journey. By working together, we can discover our more creative selves and produce the most elegant wedding dresses for women and the best wedding guest dresses as well!

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