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In the realm of haute couture, where dreams are meticulously crafted into reality, I stand as a passionate fashion designer, creating luxurious and exclusive designs that transcend boundaries. Welcome to the enchanting world of MANJUS, where artistry meets emotion, and where every stitch is a testament to my unwavering dedication.

My name is Manju Batth, and I proudly introduce you to my eponymous brand, MANJUS. With a deep-rooted passion for fashion and an innate understanding of the transformative power of clothing, I embarked on my creative journey after completing my fashion designing course in Vienna, Austria, in 2015. It was there that I discovered the true essence of design, honing my skills and nurturing my creative spirit.

In 2017, with a wealth of experience gained from working with esteemed brands, I took a leap of faith and launched my own brand. Fueled by my unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, MANJUS was born, setting out on a mission to redefine luxury fashion.
Recognizing the undeniable allure and growing demand for luxury in the magnificent city of Dubai, I seized the opportunity to expand my brand’s horizons. In 2021, I proudly introduced the captivating world of MANJUS to Dubai’s discerning clientele, where luxury finds its true home. The response has been overwhelming, with each passing day witnessing an increasing desire for the exclusivity and elegance that define my creations.

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ABOUT Manjus


With two thriving locations, one in Stuttgart, Germany, and the other in the vibrant heart of Dubai, I strive to make my exquisite designs accessible to a global audience. As my brand continues to flourish, I am excited to announce that new destinations are on the horizon, with forthcoming openings in Delhi, London, and New York. These expansions reflect the global recognition and unwavering trust bestowed upon MANJUS by fashion aficionados worldwide.

The admiration for my craftsmanship extends beyond traditional fashion outlets, as I am constantly approached by Concept Stores eager to collaborate and showcase my unique designs. This widespread recognition reinforces my belief in the power of artistry to transcend boundaries and captivate diverse audiences.

Moreover, my journey has taken me to the illustrious world of Bollywood, where I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned fashion designers. Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Indian cinema, I brought my own creative flair to the silver screen, adorning celebrities with designs that exuded grace, charisma, and timeless beauty.


At the heart of my success lies a simple yet profound principle—I prioritize the harmonious connection between my clients and myself. By fostering a deep understanding of their desires and aspirations, I can create designs that resonate on a personal level. It is not solely about replicating existing trends or imposing my own preferences. Instead, it is about harnessing a wealth of ideas and bringing forth a truly unique creation that embodies the individuality and distinct style of each client.


I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me. Book your appointment and let us connect on a profound level, where we can explore the realms of creativity together. With MANJUS, you can be assured of an extraordinary and personalized experience, culminating in a design that is exclusively yours.
Welcome to the world of MANJUS, where passion and emotion converge to create fashion that transcends the ordinary.

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Our Vision & Mission

We design for you that perfect accessory that makes you feel glamorous!



My mission at Manjus is to create all kinds of designs with elegance, poise, and grace. We provide comfort in fashion to leave an ever-lasting impression on our customers



To be a pioneer in the apparel industry with constant innovation in designs and fabrics, our products will define quality and style



Manjus encourages creativity and the promotion of individualism through affordable fashion trends. We believe in practicing internationally agreed business ethics and standards. Resulting in the reputation and success we deserve.

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